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Dive into the mystic world of Otherside: Legends of the Mara, an enthralling 2D standalone experience powered by ApeCoin. LOTM is built upon the foundations of the Otherside Koda collection, while also unveiling an entirely new collection known as Mara, which can evolve into the formidable Kodamara. The adventure commences with each Otherdeed holder receiving a gifted Vessel, opening up a realm of possibilities for the player.

Legends of the Mara welcomes all Voyagers, to join the adventure. For every Otherdeed owned, a Voyager can claim a Vessel NFT. To embark on this journey, players must possess at least one Otherdeed Expanded, a Koda, and/or an apprentice Mara. Otherdeeds are essential to the LOTM experience, with the Koda, Mara, and Kodamara collections unlocking the true potential of your Otherdeed.

Vessels, mysterious meteors in the world of Otherside, which give players powerful Mara allies with unique roles. Each Vessel hatches a Mara that excels in Hunting, Farming, or Enchanting.

Enchanter Mara grant buffs and bonuses, Farmer Mara harvest Fragments from Otherdeeds, and Hunter Mara fend off threats to Otherdeeds. As tradable ERC-721 tokens, Vessels allow players to personalize their gameplay and protect Otherside with tailored strategies.

Only one Vessel can be nested on any given Otherdeed Expanded at a time, so choose your first Vessel(s) to nest into Mara wisely.

Hunter 23,494 44.81%

Farmer 18,312 34.93%

Enchanter 10,620 20.26%

Vessel Mechanics

Environment & Worker Dynamics

In the game Legends of the Mara (LoTM), Environment Tiers play a crucial role in determining the worker capacity for Otherdeeds. The number of workers, which include Koda, Kodamara, Farmer Mara, and Hunter Mara, that can be assigned to an Otherdeed is dictated by its Environment Tier. It is important to note that this capacity limit applies only to the Hunter and Farmer roles, as Enchanters do not affect worker placement capacity.

The worker capacity in Legends of the Mara is directly correlated with the Environment Tier of an Otherdeed. As the Environment Tier increases from 1 to 5, so does the worker capacity, allowing for an equal number of workers to be assigned to each respective tier.

Sediment Tiers and Fragments also play a significant role in Legends of the Mara, much like Environment Tiers. A higher Sediment Tier results in increased Sediment Fragment production from an Otherdeed. For example, Otherdeeds with a Sediment Tier 3 yield the highest production, while those with a Sediment Tier 1 produce the least. Assigning a Farmer to an Otherdeed Expanded facilitates fragment harvesting, and the addition of more Farmers and Enchanters further boosts production levels.

It is important to note that, regardless of production rates, the native sediment will consistently generate the same type of fragment.

Sediment Significance

Forming Alliances in the Mara Universe

On July 7, the Otherside-Twitter Account shared an image featuring nine collections and the caption, "Bridge worlds. Close the rows. Shattered slain. Tame Otherside." Following this post, prominent collections such as Bored APE Yacht Club, Meebits, 10ktf, World of Women, Renga, Mutant Hounds, Forgotten Runes, and Gremplin all shared an image in response.

In "Legends of the Mara," teaming up can make a huge difference. Remember, your game board has a limited number of slots for these allies, so choose them wisely.

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