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APE$ 1.25
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A 2D standalone adventure fueled by Apecoin

Embark on a journey into the mystical universe of Otherside: Legends of the Mara, a captivating 2D standalone adventure fueled by ApeCoin. LOTM is founded on the groundwork of the Otherside Koda collection, introducing a completely new collection called Mara, which has the potential to transform into the formidable Kodamara. The quest begins as each Otherdeed holder is bestowed with a gifted Vessel, unlocking a realm of possibilities for the player.

Integrating the collectible essence of a card game with the laid-back vibes of an idle tap game, the Legends of the Mara open beta thrusts your Otherside and partner NFTs into encounters with adversaries roaming the vast landscape.

This open beta debut marks the initial phase of exploring Otherside and acquainting yourself with Oda, the indigenous inhabitants of Otherside, comprising Koda, Mara, and Kodamara.

Bring Mara to life from Vessels, gather and trade Sediment Fragments, and protect your territory from the Shattered. Each victorious battle against them earns you a loot chest, containing items for spacecraft crafting in some instances and NFTs from partner collection ecosystems in others. All these rewards contribute to fortifying your readiness for the challenges that lie ahead.

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