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Navigating the Universe of Mechanical Marvels

Explore the realm of the HV-MTL with us, your essential resource for delving into the world of 30,000 unique machines from another dimension. We offer an extensive collection of data and insights on these extraordinary machines that ended up in the BAYC swamp through a space-time rift. Our platform provides in-depth information on each HV-MTL, showcasing their dynamic NFT nature, capabilities, personality and evolutionary journey. Discover the limitless possibilities offered by these mechanical marvels of the digital landscape.

Latest News

HV-MTL Forge Closing for Competition End


Yuga Labs Gaming announced that HV-MTL Forge will undergo a temporary shutdown from 1pm to 4pm ET today for the conclusion of its current competition. During this three-hour window, the game's Rift statistics and leaderboard standings will be frozen, marking the end of the competitive phase. After maintenance, HV-MTL Forge will reopen in a special Sunset Mode, which will last for the duration of the review period.


During Sunset Mode, players should note that any progress made will not be counted towards the game. Additionally, certain features, including gear purchases, access to the Rift, and the voting system, will be temporarily disabled. This pause in regular operations is intended to allow for a thorough review and ensure the integrity of the competition's results. Players are advised to plan their gaming strategies accordingly and stay tuned for further updates from Yuga Labs Gaming.

HV-MTL Forge Launches


HV-MTL Forge, a unique game combining elements of world building, pet care, and dungeon crawling, is now available for HV holders. In this game, players nurture and evolve their HVs from mysterious cubes into powerful entities known as Evo2. To achieve this evolution, players need to acquire at least three special upgrades called AMPs, obtainable through participation in the game's six-season cycle.


Players' progress is influenced by daily voting from other HV holders, affecting their seasonal leaderboard rankings and the rarity of AMPs earned. After three seasons, players can enter an advanced phase of the game known as The Rift. For optimal gameplay, HV-MTL Forge encourages players to review the Game Guide and FAQ, along with explainer and leaderboard videos. Further assistance and community interaction can be found on the official BAYC Discord channel.

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