ETH$ 2949.5
APE$ 1.74
ETH Gas30 Gwei
DeedΞ 0.23 KodaΞ 2.68 MaraΞ 0.084 -   VesselΞ 0.102 -   RelicΞ 0.184 -  

How everything started?

The Sewer Passes marked the beginning of the HV-MTL evolution, a significant step for yuga labs in the Web3 gaming space. While these passes were initially available for free to members of the Bored Ape Yacht Club and the Mutant Ape Yacht Club, they were not limited to these groups.

The passes are divided into four levels depending on whether the holders have a BAYC or MAYC and whether they are affiliated with a BAKC. The combination of these factors results in different levels, with the highest level being level 4 for BAYC plus Kennel Club and the lowest being level 1 for a MAYC. These levels played a crucial role in the first game and influenced the possible rewards that players could receive.

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