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Latest News

Eric Reid Embraces Community Role in Advancing Otherside


Eric Reid, the newly appointed General Manager of Otherside, expressed his enthusiasm for joining the Yuga Labs team and his commitment to evolving Otherside alongside its dedicated community. With a rich background in entertainment, media, music, and tech, Reid highlighted the warm welcome he received from the Otherside community and his dedication to building a culture on the blockchain. He emphasized the importance of collaboration with creators and technologists to scale up Otherside. Acknowledging the technical challenges, Reid stressed the goal of creating a platform that meets the long-term needs and desires of users, both creatively and economically. Upcoming weeks and months will see more Otherside content and experiences, with community feedback playing a crucial role in its development. Reid's recent and future community interactions, including a European test event and ApeFest, aim to gather diverse input for shaping Otherside's future. His message underlines a deep commitment to community engagement in the platform's ongoing growth.

Yuga Labs Partners with Tech Firms for Otherside, Joins OMA3 Board


Yuga Labs announced partnerships with Hadean, AccelByte, Bad Rhino, and Faraway to enhance Otherside, its interoperable metaverse platform. This collaboration aims to integrate advanced simulation and gaming experiences into Otherside, fostering a community-driven virtual environment. Additionally, Yuga's new role on the OMA3 board, a consortium of web3 metaverse leaders, reflects its commitment to promoting interoperable standards in the digital realm. These strategic moves are expected to accelerate Otherside's development and broaden its technological and creative scope.

LoTM Gameplay: StarMap Update I


The upcoming game "Legends of the Mara" offers a unique blend of terrestrial and celestial strategies with its latest StarMap update. While Voyagers navigate their Otherdeed Expanded as the primary game board, they'll also need to observe the constellations for future guidance. With the ancient Koda in central roles, strategic alliances will be key to fend off the menacing Shattered. The game will announce alliances both within Yuga's PFP collections and with selected third-party PFP collections, offering Voyagers the chance to recruit battle allies. These alliances will bolster the player's strength in low-tier environments, increasing the chance of success against the Shattered and potentially improving leaderboard placement. However, each Otherdeed has a limited number of ally NFT slots, necessitating wise alliance selection. More details on official alliances will be shared in future updates.

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