Otherside Wiki collects and processes data from various sources and make it available for free. In addition, we want to provide value to the Otherside NFT community with further help and sniping tools.
Currently, you can find various statistics related to Othersdeeds NFTs from the exchanges Opensea, Looksrare, and X2Y2. We provide all available details for all traits, such as resources and artifacts. Besides the frequency, you can see where they can be found, how often they occur, and who owns them.
Based on the development of Otherside, this website will be further developed.

Otherside Newsfeed

Otherside - B.C. trailer

A new trailer has been released with the commentary, "The story continues later this Q4." This allows for further speculation, and people think it has confirmed the theory that there are two sides. Watch the trailer now.

Litepaper released

Today the Litepaper was released. This document serves as a starter guide for the Otherside. It covers foundational principles of the platform, capabilities of its developers, and possibilities for community co-creation.
It’s also a stepping stone. The contents of this litepaper will grow and change over time as the community provides input and helps build the Otherside. Eventually, it will be replaced by The Codex - the 2nd stage of the Voyager’s Journey, and a living document of the Otherside.

Tech Demo "First Trip" was successful

The first time we were given a glimpse of "The Otherside." In total, 4,500 players have shown up to the tech demo. After first arriving in "The Swamp", the original area of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, all Voyagers met for the first time in the Sphere, where more details about the operation were given. The first mission began - it was to find and rescue the Kodas. The second mission was at "The Obelisk" where we activated the obelisks that brought the kodex to life. Suddenly an evil Koda appeared, which we had to defeat. We returned to the Sphere to celebrate, where a short teaser was shown. As a reward for participating in the first trip, you got a new trait for your otherdeed called "Obelisk - First Trip".

First tech demo announced for Otherdeed owners

Today the first demo release date for Otherdeed holders was announced. See you on the Otherside on the 16th Jule.

Otherdeeds claim period for Mutant and Ape holders ends

Today is the deadline for Otherdeeds claimes for Apes and Mutants (May 22, at 11:59pm ET). Otherdeeds that are not claimed will go to Yuga and will be used exclusively by the community, partners, and SDK developers for testing, public events, builds, and other initiatives that advance Otherside.