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WTF, is a Koda?

Kodas are 10,000 unique creatures, inspired by the whimsical world of the Otherside. As the principal guardians of the Otherside, Kodas originally debuted alongside the Otherdeed Collection, but later emerged as an independent collection following the Decoupling event.

Presently, the community classifies these digital beings into three distinct categories: Regular Kodas, Weapon Kodas, and Mega Kodas. The official Otherside discord channel gives a hint that, that Kodas are koala-inspired.

The Legends of the Mara reveal that Kodas hold remarkable abilities in Hunting, Enchanting, and Farming, which outshine the powers of Mara and Kodamara. These adaptable creatures can be assigned to an Otherdeed to execute any of these tasks, but only one function can be performed at a time.

Koda Trait Counts


168 Traits


186 Traits


208 Traits


157 Traits


147 Traits


99 Mega Kodas

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