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Otherside Relics

The Otherside Relics collection represents a unique and prestigious series of digital and physical items, celebrating achievements and collaborations in the Otherside universe.

Winged Helmet

The Winged Helmet is a distinguished and historic relic from the Otherside Universe, awarded exclusively to the victorious Team Glacia, led by Jimmy Wong, for their triumph in the 2nd Trip. This unique item holds the esteemed position as the first airdrop for voyagers and the first item in the Otherside Relics collection.

Designed as a cosmetic enhancement for Voyager avatars, the Winged Helmet not only elevates the appearance of its wearer but also symbolizes their prowess and achievement within the Otherside universe. Although the helmet does not provide any functional advantages, it serves as an emblem of prestige that can be worn by Voyagers in future Otherside experiences.


The KodaPendant is a unique, limited edition Otherside Relic that combines digital and physical worlds in a collaboration between Yuga and Gucci. This exclusive piece, originally limited to 3,333 KodaPendants, failed to sell out during the 24-hour sale period, so now only 3,013 will ever exist. Priced at 450 APE, the equivalent of $1,940, it pays homage to Otherside's origins with a pendant in the shape of a bottle that contained the blue liquid that gave birth to Otherside.

As a digital item, the KodaPendant offers a permanent visual upgrade for selected Koda or Vessel NFTs. In Otherside, 3D avatars can enjoy trail VFX and a branded chat handle. The physical KodaPendant, available for claim in Summer '23, is crafted from 925 silver with an antique finish, featuring a Koda-shaped pendant with GG engraving, an interlocking G chain, and baroque-inspired engravings.

This distinctive relic represents the exciting intersection of fashion, entertainment, and web3, showcasing the innovative partnership between Yuga and Gucci.

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